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Lois Moses shares a joyful moment with the children of La Concepcion.

"This is our fourth classroom visit with Grand Circle, and it topped them allwe loved the children!"

William & Rita RothSheffield Village, Ohio

La Concepcion School

Partner since: 2005
Total donated: $70,915

According to Lois Moses of Chatham, New Jersey, "Education is the door to helping people progress, by broadening their experience." So she was pleased and surprised to see firsthand how Grand Circle Foundation was helping to provide an education to the children at La Concepcion School, which is located on an island outside of Tigre in the Parana Delta region of Argentina. Reachable only by boat, the school serves 270 students ranging in age from three to 16. "Going down the river, I didn't expect to see a school," Lois reveals.

In a community where water travel is an integral part of daily life, the highways are waterways, and the school is accessible only from the riverso that the "school bus" is a boat! Grand Circle Foundation funds were used to construct a student recreation and playground area for kindergarten classes at the school and to purchase classroom furniture. "It's great to see the children benefiting through the Foundation. It really gives them an opportunity for the future," Lois says. "The way to create peace in the world is to start small and work forward."

School in session:

Mid-March through mid-December

Gifts to bring if you're visiting:

  • Pens and pencils
  • Notebooks
  • Books in English
  • Maps
  • A souvenir from home (postcards, etc.)