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Reservations can only be made through Grand Circle Foundation:
9:00 am–8:00 pm (EST)
9:00 am–7:00 pm (EST)

A $500 deposit is required to reserve your departure. 
(Within 90 days of departure, full payment is due at point of sale.)

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Cuba: People-to-People Programs

Announcing new 2014 departures of these exclusive journeys, available only through Grand Circle Foundation

As Americans, the mystique surrounding Cuba has been ingrained in our psyche for decades—from the tropical paradise that inspired Hemingway to the Cold War catastrophes that strained our relations. How has life evolved behind the invisible wall of the embargo? Would we ever have the chance to see for ourselves?

We at Grand Circle Foundation are in a unique position to offer you that chance—at a pivotal moment in history for the people of Cuba, who are facing both hopes and fears in the midst of major government reforms. The Foundation has been granted a license from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to offer People-to-People programs to Cuba—and Foundation supporters are legally eligible to travel to Cuba under this license.

Cuba: Music, Culture & the Roots of Revolution
Santiago de Cuba – Baracoa – Havana
13 days from $4595

Our newest 13-day program explores the Cuban experience in Santiago de Cuba, home to a vibrant Afro-Cuban culture and revolutionary history; and unspoiled Baracoa, a colonial gem isolated by mountains. The program also visits the capital of Havana.

Cuba: A Bridge Between Cultures
Havana - Trinidad - Cienfuegos
12 days from $4295

Sold out completely in 2012, our first-ever program in Cuba features People-to-People exchanges in three Cuban cities: the bustling capital of Havana, the harbor town of Cienfuegos, and the colonial gem of Trinidad.



About the People-to-People experience

The focus of our experience, as our license's "People-to-People" categorization implies, will be meaningful cultural exchange with the people of Cuba—who we think you'll find to be warm, welcoming, and eager to interact with Americans. At Grand Circle Foundation, we aim to change people's lives, and that includes both the travelers who will be joining us in Cuba, and the people who we'll meet when we get there. As we come face to face with a culture that is undergoing major reforms, we will serve as agents of positive change by listening, encouraging, and openly sharing our viewpoints and ideas. We see these programs as an important first step toward bringing a better understanding between the United States and Cuba.


"Our concert with the Chorus of Cienfuegos was emotional and beautiful. Some of their songs brought us to tears, they sang so beautifully. The Havana dance troupe was great. Their dance floor has holes and loose boards, but they danced around them like they weren't even there. The unexpected was always fun. I will never forget all my good memories of Cuba and its people."
—Irene Kollaja - Corpus Christi, Texas

"The Cuban people are very vibrant and wanted to speak with us and share their culture. I found them to be yearning for more contact with Americans and I hope that trips like this will improve relations between the U.S. and Cuba in the future."
—Harvey Newman - New York, New York

"Cuba: A Bridge Between Cultures was such an amazing experience. The Foundation is to be complemented on doing such a great job. I know this program required a tremendous amount of work—believe me it was worth it for me. Thanks, thanks, thanks (gracias)."
—Lorraine Palkert - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I loved the impromptu, unplanned visits into local people's homes. They were kind, generous, and hospitable people. I got into a very personal and candid conversation with a young man who poured his soul out to me. Our conversation was profound with his honest opinions regarding Cuba."
—Edna Tobias - Hermosa Beach, California

Reservations can only be made through Grand Circle Foundation:
(toll-free) 1-855-423-3443

9:00 am–8:00 pm (EST)
9:00 am–7:00 pm (EST)

Learn more about our 13-day Program,
Cuba: Music, Culture & the Roots of Revolution

Learn more about our 12-day Program,
Cuba: A Bridge Between Cultures