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Gutsy Leaders

We believe that true leadership can come from anywherefrom boardrooms to classrooms, from City Hall to city streets. So while some of the gutsy leaders who inspire us have experienced fame on a grander scale, we have equal admiration for those who have notlike the travelers, associates, Trip Leaders, and village elders who humble us with their acts of generosity. It takes guts to change the world … and our leaders are helping to do so, each in their own unique way.

Stories of Gutsy Leaders

Great leaders usually have great tales to tell. Here, we share the amazing stories of a few gutsy leaders who have special relationships with Alan and Harriet.

Susan Ricker

Generous Travelers

Inspired by their visits to Grand Circle Foundation sites around the world, our travelers often return home with a desire to give back to the villages that welcomed them.


Every day, our associates do wonderful things for our company and our travelers, but many keep working when they're off the clock to make a difference in their communities.

Community Leaders

We recognize entrepreneurs, educators, and other outstanding members of the Boston community who have changed people's lives with their unflagging commitment and generosity of spirit.

Honorary Directors

Grand Circle Foundation's Honorary Directors have traveled the globe, summited the world's tallest mountains, led museums and universities, and received top accolades in their fields. We are honored to benefit from the great example of leadership set by these exceptional men and women who serve or have served as our mentors. They also recommend and advise us on worthwhile projects.

Travel Partners

We rely on support from individuals and organizations throughout the world to help us create meaningful experiences for our travelers. We especially appreciate our relationships with the travel partners who support our vision of corporate philanthropy.

Village Leaders

A village can only grow as strong as its leaders-and behind each one of the villages supported by Grand Circle Foundation stands a gutsy leader who is steadfast in his or her commitment to providing the very best for the community.

Nominate a Gutsy Leader

Are you inspired by a gutsy leadereither from your own community, or someone you've encountered in your travels? Nominate them for a chance to win a $1,000 donation in their honor to a Grand Circle Foundation site of their choosing. We'll also feature their profile here on our website. A new winner will be selected quarterly.