ENewsletter April 2014
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ENewsletter April 2014

Spring is here at last—but during the cold, hard winter, Grand Circle associates in Boston and the Baltics had one thought in common: how to provide hot meals for the homeless. Find out more in this issue of our newsletter. As always, we are also humbled by travelers who are eager to give back to the schoolchildren they meet on their trips; you can read how they are changing lives in Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Meet Shannah Varón, a very Gutsy Leader, who is helping to improve graduation rates right here, in our Boston home. And find out how you can meet the people of Cuba with us next year.

Traveling for Change
Featured Village Update

Alert the Media!
A new Library & Media Center is constructed at Zimbabwe's Ziga Primary School.
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Foundation News

What's New?
2015 People-to-People journey to Cuba now available.
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Recognizing Gutsy Leaders

Making Education—and a Future—Accessible
A passion for education, refreshing candor, and a spirit of collaboration are just a few of the qualities that have helped propel Shannah Varón to the forefront of our shared mission of improving graduation rates in Boston.
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Boston Service

Coming Up Rosie's

Boston associates serve up their first event at Rosie's Place, a shelter for women.
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Worldwide Service

Can-Do Canteen

Regional staff in the Baltics prepare hot meals for the homeless and socially disadvantaged.
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Generous Travelers

Continuing Education

OAT traveler Sharon Moorhead's ongoing commitment to Tanzanian schoolchildren.
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