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Rebuilding Together Boston

Grand Circle Foundation has a long history of giving back: to the places where we travel, to the people who live there, and to the city of Boston and communities around the world where we live and work. The Foundation has pledged or donated more than $97 million throughout the world in locations including Africa, Asia, South Pacific, Europe and the Americas. Many of the projects the Foundation supports are, quite literally, in the path of our travelers, while many more are much closer to home.

Alan and Harriet Lewis


To be welcomed into another culture is an incredible gift—one that we've received time and time again in our own travels, and one that we strive to share with every traveler who takes a journey with Grand Circle or Overseas Adventure Travel. By reaching out and connecting with communities around the world, we learn to appreciate firsthand not only our diversity, but our commonality ...

Updates on Haiti Relief

We extend our deepest gratitude to the 4,239 travelers, associates, and friends who joined us in supporting relief efforts in Haiti.  All told, we have raised more than $541,000 for the American Red Cross.
While we are no longer accepting donations for earthquake relief, we strongly encourage interested donors
to give to the Red Cross directly.  We will continue to publish updates on relief efforts as we hear more from the Red Cross.

Alan & Harriet's Story

We both grew up outside of Boston and shared a passion for travel at an early age. We first met each other in high school and had a few rocky dates. After graduating, we went our separate ways. Six years later, we met again. This time we connected-the teacher and the entrepreneur.



We're humbled by the honors we've been privileged to receive, and we are grateful for the acknowledgement of our efforts. While earning recognition has never been our goal, we view these awards as an encouragement to continue our mission of making the world a better place. We've also been inspired to create our own awards to recognize the gutsy leaders who share our passion for giving back-be they associates, travelers, or community members.

Community Service

At Grand Circle Corporation, philanthropy is a way of life. For more than 20 years, Alan and Harriet Lewis have engaged everyone involved with the company—associates, Trip Leaders and Program Directors, community partners, and travelers—in service to others, at home, and around the world.

Key Programs

At Grand Circle Foundation, the world truly is a classroomfor the children who go to school in the villages we support worldwide, and for the travelers who expand their worldviews each day by experiencung new cultures. Through two major initiativesthe World Classroom and A Day in the Lifewe encourage learning for both children and travelers.

Press & Media

Grand Circle Foundation has been widely recognized for its entrepreneurial approach to teaching other business leaders how to integrate philanthropy into the core business model.